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36th International Steamdays 2017 - June 3rd, 4th & 5th

We hereby invite you to take part in our International Steamdays to be held on the long Whitsun weekend of Saturday June 3 until Monday June 5, on the premises of the association in the City Park of Turnhout.

If you wish to participate, please complete the registration form and return it asap and before May 12th, so that we can make necessary arrangements.

Every modeller is invited to run his locomotive or engine (7 ¼” or 5”) on our ground tracks. Given the limited storage capacity through the construction works we are this year forced to limit the number of participants. We hereby give preference to steam locomotives.

This invitation also applies to those who have models, whether complete or incomplete, as exhibits in our exhibition tent. For the exhibition we provide a table of up to 2 meters per participant.

Each working steam engine must be presented with a valid boiler certificate. Beware ! No inspections are carried out during these days. No valid inspection = no driving. A valid test is only the second-annual inspection by a recognized organization or inspectors of the association.

Every owner of a steam engine needs to show a valid boiler certificate. Modellers can also put their works, whatever their state, on show in our limited exhibition tent.

Everyone who exhibit material or has a driving models is considered "participant". They receive free daily lunch (3 sandwiches with fillings), 4-hour (pastry), drinks voucher of 4 euros, identification bracelet, as well as water, fuel, lubricants and storage space for equipment (Locomotive and tender in the depot or storage room, coaches always stay outside).

Cars are not allowed to stay in the park (there is police control!).

Those who come along with a participant called "companions". They receive at very low price (€ 7.00 per person per day), lunch, 4-hour, drinks voucher and participants bracelet. They can also attend the dinner at the same price as the others.

Additional vouchers (drinks & snacks) can be obtained at € 2 per strip (worth € 4).

On Saturday and Sunday night is a fine meal provided at a nearby room. Dinner: € 18.00 per person per day, children <12y: € 10.00.

Participants do not need to come alone. Everyone coming along with them is called a ‘companion’. These companions can join us in the lunch, tea-time and supper at very moderate prices. Companion costs per day (lunch, tea-time, tickets for free drinks, bracelet) : € 6,00

ATTENTION! After registration the participants receive a confirmation of the amount due. Upon receipt of this amount in our account, the registration is final.

There will be a camp-site, campers can use the grounds, rented by our organisation, nearby the park. If applicable please give information on the registration form. Other addresses for accommodation can be obtained by means of the Internet. (hotels, bed & breakfast, camping).


*        Friday, June 2nd 2017

*    Campsite open from 10 h.

*    Participants can unload their equipment from 13:00 h. until 18:00 h. (Afterwards not possible because of a sporting event that starts at 18:30 h. in the park).

*    Starting Friday, the limited exhibition tent is ready, not before!

*        Saturday, June 3rd 2017

*    10:00 h. :    SGT-units open, participants welcome, the trains are running

*    12:00 h. :    lunch followed at 16:00 h. : teatime

*    18:00 h. :    SGT-units closed, followed at 19:00 h. : collective dinner in a nearby dining room for those who registered.

*        Sunday, June 4th 2017

*    09:00 h. :    SGT-units open, participants welcome (due to the traditional and famous ‘flea market’ in the park), the trains are running

12:00 h. :    lunch followed at 16:00 h. : teatime

18:00 h. :    SGT-units closed followed at 19:00 h. : collective dinner in a nearby dining room for those who registered.

*        Monday, June 5th 2017

*    10:00 h. :    same as Saturday

*    18:00 h. :    SGT-units closed, end of this event.

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