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adres : Parklaan 54 bus 4, 2300 Turnhout
spoorweg : Parklaan 54, 2300 Turnhout 5362/82 ▫▪▪▫ BTW BE422.415.402 ▫▪▪▫ IBAN BE44 3200 7670 5145 BIC BBRUBEBB ▫▪▪▫ e-mail


During the Steamdays at the Whitsun weekend, Stoomgroep Turnhout hires the grounds and utilities of the scouts St.George. in order for the participants to have the opportunity to find a spot to put their tent, caravan or mobile home and in this way reduce the costs of their stay in Turnhout.

Stoomgroep Turnhout must pay a contribution to the scouts, based upon the total of nights per person, plus any damage that would be applied.

This 'temporary campsite' differs in degree from a real site by the large degree of freedom. There is enough space and one can stay in a cozy atmosphere when using a little self-discipline.

However, users must comply with certain agreements made and these are :

   1) GARBAGE : should only be kept and taken home with you.

   2) WASTEWATER : do not throw it away near your tent or caravan, but discharge it in the designated  places at the sanitary building.

   3) CHEMICAL TOILETS : cleaning at the designated place at the sanitary building

   4) SANITARY FACILITIES : after EACH use to be cleaned by its user.

   5) WATER : use it sparingly, do not wash yout car or caravan with it, do this at home.

   6) CARAVANS, MOBILE HOMES and CARS : must be put on the hard surface.

   7) TENTS : allowed on the grass.

   8) RESTING TIME : respect your neighbours and keep it quiet, but absolute silence (at night) from 22:30 to 07:30 h. mandatory !

   9) CAMPFIRE : strictly forbidden on the campsite to make a fire in open air.

   10) ADMINISTRATOR : this is a representative of the owner of the land or someone from Stoomgroep Turnhout.

   11) DAMAGE : failure to comply with the above regulations gives the administrator the choice to have the damages compensated by the people who caused it or contributed to it.




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