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Internal Regulations Stoomgroep Turnhout vzw

1. Address:

  • Stoomgroep Turnhout vzw, Parklaan 54 bus 4, 2300 Turnhout

2. Target:

  • The association will initially provide for the operation of a miniature railway for the passenger rail gauges 5 and 7¼ inches, located on the playground in the park of Turnhout.
The association will also be able to act out by participating in similar projects at home and abroad.

3. Responsibility

  • All members present will share the responsibility for the operation during the driving days and treat the material and visitors with respect and care.
    The main responsibility rests with the President in case of his absence in 1 of the other board members present.
  • The main responsibly person appoints for each driving day a station manager and a bartender.

    4. Stationmaster:

  • Decides on the traffic in the station and on the track and determines the number of trains that will run simultaneously on the circuit.
  • Checks whether the engines comply with the conditions.
  • Gives the the trains and locomotives permission to the track and ensures that only authorized persons are driving or are under the supervision of qualified persons.
  • Determines who will drive and when the club locomotives will be engaged.
  • See that the trips with paying passengers have priority over the other rides.
  • Oversees the Ticket punches.

    5. Bartender:

  • Ensures that the inventory of tickets, consumer goods and the money change is sufficient for driving day.
  • Ensures the preparation of the accounting documents at start and end of the driving day.
  • Supervises the operation of the bar and fare sales.

6. Children

  • Children younger than 16, members of the association, should always be accompanied by at least one of both parents or an adult person who takes responsibility for the child. (eg family member). Unaccompanied children can not participate in the activities of the club. They are considered visitors.

7. Competent drivers:

  • all persons designated by the board of the association and all persons who have permission from the owner and the board of the association or got permission of the chief responsible person.
  • Drivers younger than 16 years should always be accompanied by a responsible adult driver and should obtain prior permission of the chief.
  • Driving with passengers is only allowed by authorized drivers. The board determines the persons responsible.
  • A separate list will indicate the lists of drivers (Chief Engineer, steam engineer, engine driver, trainee driver + aspiring engineer, junior engineer)

8. Driving days:

  • Every Saturday, Sunday, public holiday, from 13 to 18 hours, beginning the first Sunday of April and ending the last weekend of September, whenever the weather conditions permits.
  • on special driving days, specified in advance by the board.

9. Driving rules

  • The competent drivers of the association are allowed to the track on the appropriate driving days, after the station manager has been notified.
  • Non-members may also use the track on driving days after they receive approval of the chief and have been notified of the internal rules and guidelines for drivers. They are subject to the rules and signaling.
  • From 30 minutes before the beginning of the driving day vehicles will be allowed in the park, to be able to unload engines and material. They should run at walking speed in the park. All vehicles must be parked outside of the park, immediately after unloading, under penalty of fine by the police of Turnhout.
  • Inspection of steam locomotives: the locomotives must have a valid qualification certificate of boiler inspection certificates provided that the period is not exceeded. Conditions: See guidelines for drivers.
  • Fuel and water can be obtained from the association. Electricity 240 V, 6A is also available and pressured air through a standard air coupling of the type "orion".

10. Tickets.

  • single ride: single numbered tickets € 0.90

  • 5-fares ticket: numbered tickets with cutting strips € 4.00

  • 10-fares ticket: numbered tickets with cutting strips € 7.00

  • free ticket: special cards, pre-conditions determined by the board of directors.

11. Joint members

  • All adult, joined members who, on a regular basis throughout the year participate in the activities organized by the club are eligible to be nominated as a member.
  • Members of the Annual General Meeting decide in accordance with the provisions of the statutes, at the December meeting of the members, who will be a full member and who will be regarded as joined member.

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