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The miniature steam trains run every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, from the first Sunday of April to the last weekend of September, each time from 13 to 18 hours

1 fare : € 1.00
5-fares : € 4.50

10-fares : € 8.00

For special events, the hours and days are different. Please look there for more information.
Season Opening
The driving season is always starts on the first Sunday of April at 13 hours.

(2021: on Saturday, May 8th)



International Steam Days
Since 1982 International Steam Days are held during the long weekend of Pentecost (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)
(2021 : May 22 + May 23 + May 24) cancelled due to corona
These run along with the Turnhout "City Park Festivities".
The hours are on Saturdays from 9 to 18 hours, Sunday from 8 to 18 pm and Monday from 9 to 18 pm.
Participants from all neighbouring countries and sometimes beyond, bring their models to Turnhout. They store them in the exhibition or drive around with it on track (locomotives) and the avenues of the park (steam tractors and steam cars).
Furthermore, the "Festival in the City Park" has still a lot of additional activities: entertainment, performances, music, a flea market (Sunday morning), children's games and much more.
One section of the 'vessel Modellers' is present with bulky equipment in the adjacent pond.
Summer Steam Days
Traditionally, the members and supporters of our club join with their locomotives in Turnhout, to drive on the tracks of the railway and exchange ideas about the hobby.
This is continuous on the weekend closest to the holiday of August 15th ("Mother's Day"), and thus from year to year different

In 2021, the event will take place on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 of August, subject to the situation due to corona measures..


Closing of the Season
The driving season ends on the Sunday of the last weekend beginning in September.
Members meetings : click here

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