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Willy Huybrechts (The Goat Foundation - Lier) has the following question
I received a request for more information about the former production of CAM O in railway locomotives. My contacts at that time (now long deceased Vincent Verelst) was a Walloon company as far as I can remember that manufactured precision parts for the Belgian forces.
In their "free" time or it may be understood what this was also working on a steam model of type 1, even a model of the Swiss Crocodile. My question: Is anyone from Stoomgroep Turnhout who can confirm this?
Are there CAM models, let alone for sale? Are there possibly. collectors within the group, because if my information would be more rolling stock (wagons) of existence ... Please send your message back, and thanks in advance.

willy Huybrechts




Construction drawing of a steam boiler for 5" engine




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